Evangelion Ikari Basketball Jersey

$70 $35

Product Details

  • 100% Polyester mesh fabric
  • Printed art on front
  • Embroidered graphics
  • Side splits at waist hem
  • Rounded hem with droptail
  • Officially Licensed Evangelion Merchandise
  • Imported

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Juan V.
Eva jersey

Best and coolest design out of all the Eva basketball jerseys. I size down with these

Christopher P.
Awesome Jersey.

I love it and love wearing it in the summer. Get ton of compliments in NYC. Copped the Eva 02 Jersey and hope Eva 00 gets a release!

Chris P.
Never dripped so pretty.

Love this thing. Bought it last year and wear it during the summer. Get compliments all the time. I match it with the Purple Flatbill Eva hat for the ultimate summer drip. Check size info cause It runs a little baggier than regular clothing which is fine by me.


It's just great get one

Billy B.
The Primordial Being

So, yesterday, I was sitting at my corner at lunch when this girl I like (I've never talked to her before but I'm gonna be her man one day) sat NEAR me with some other weirdos (Bryce, and Coleman who are belligerent fools who only play sports and are illiterate monkeys). This girl, Madison, is literally like the coolest person and she's really nice too. She told me ‘bye’ once and I swear she smelled like flowers and babies, I made sure to get a good whiff. On the other hand, Bryce is an overachiever who thinks hanging out with people is a “necessary” step in life, and Coleman thinks that not playing sport is equal to being a loser (he actually said that to me right after shoving me in the bathroom).

Their conversation didn't seem too interesting, but I'm glad I listened in instead of finishing the anime episode I was watching (Dragon-Maid S2E9). The two neanderthals (that is how I shall refer to Bryce and Coleman from now on) were burdening my sweet Madi (that is my favorite nickname for her, it is also a switch-up of the word maid) with useless basketball information. Everytime Madi giggled at the neanderthals describing how they scored 30 points at their game last Thursday, I clenched my teeth to resist cursing them into the bounds of hell where they belong. My lovely princess was being tainted by the neanderthals’ deceit and deception. The look in Madi’s eyes was so pure…she was entranced. She should be entranced to me!!! I should be receiving those looks. Not the sport-playing neanderthals who shall not be named.

I wish my mom and dad weren’t so anti-anime. They call it “cartoon pornography”, they’re so dumb they don’t even know what hentai is! Everytime they “catch” me watching it, they tell me I should go outside, or even play basketball with neanderthal #2 (Coleman is my next door neighbor). OR, they’ll tell me to focus on my grades and say “Why don’t you ask Bryce for help?” Like they don’t know that Bryce is obviously a cheater at school. Nobody, not even me, has that much time to watch anime AND get good grades so it's obvious. Bryce also doesn’t admit he watches anime either! It really pisses me off that he tries to hide it, especially when I see him watching LeBron James and Michael Johnston highlights during class. He’s not even paying attention! And plus, why would he be watching that instead of something Japanese? How can he stand on the same ground as me and dear Madi???

I just wish I could watch all the anime I want with Madi cuddled up next to me WITHOUT THEIR WATCHFUL GAZES PEERING INTO MY SOUL. But!!! I can’t even do that! See, my mom is super christianey and whatever, and she says “I’m not mature enough to have a relationship”, well screw you mom!!! Once I finally talk to Madi and invite her to come over, YOU’LL have to watch us MAKEOUT. I swear my mom is such a side character, she should be lucky she has such a cool son like me.

My struggles I face at school, as club president of our school’s one-member-only anime club, and at home are struggles that ripple throughout our society. I know this because of the events captured in every single slice of life romance anime I have had the pleasure of seeing. Every MC (main character) in those anime is a lonely young boy who deals with issues of female interaction, etc. I have gathered enough slice of life to know that the situation of these characters is completely akin to my current predicament! Madi is the treasure and I am the pirate! She is the Marin Kitagawa to my Gojo! (please watch My Dress Up Darling for reference) That is why I have concocted a genius, unwavered plan to take her tomorrow.

Well, here it is, world: my masterpiece of a plan. Step one: buy this Neon Genesis Evangelion jersey off of this website, atsuko.com. Step two, go to our class’ next b-ball game and wait until the team the neanderthals are playing are winning by an unfair amount. Step three, put on the awesome jersey and walk onto the court. Step four, take a basketball and shoot it from the back end of the b-ball court. Step five, ball goes in the net. Our team will have won because the ball went into the net. Step six, Madi runs down from the stands and is so entranced that she kisses me so much and I become her senpai. Step seven, me and Madi go to my place and I show her off to my ANTI-ANIME PARENTS. They’ll be so jealous that they’ll probably stop yelling at each other really loudly! Step eight, me and my princess snuggle on top of my mattress and watch Bunny Girl Senpai. Maybe if I’m lucky, she’ll give me some ACTUAL hentai action!!!!!!!! So there you have it. My master plan to become Madi’s senpai. I know the neanderthals will be so dumbfounded by my actions that they’ll never go near her again. I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve. I’ve come so far. Watch over me, Kamisama! I’m on my next step to becoming the Primordial Being! (Step nine watch evangelion).

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