Demon Slayer Movie Wins Grand Prix at Japan Character Awards

To say that 2020 was The Year of Demon Slayer would be a massive understatement. Its domination has continued into 2021 in many ways, the latest of which has the Demon Slayer: Mugen Train movie winning the Grand Prix at the Japan Character Award 2021 ceremony—which includes awards given to Japan's most active character or licensed brands—held in Tokyo today.

In addition to the Grand Prix, the Demon Slayer movie took home the Character License Award along with Disney's Twisted Wonderland and the JUJUTSU KAISEN TV anime. The Selection Committee's Special Award went to the time-honored Mobile Suit Gundam series.

Here's what the representative of the selection committee had to say about the movie's big win:

"It is a great achievement that it became a hit work that symbolizes the year 2020 and led the character market by keeping the same momentum as 2019. In spite of the coronavirus crisis, the film set a new record at the domestic box office, and its development through merchandising and tie-ups was outstanding. It was supported by a wide range of targets and even caused a social phenomenon, and can be said to be the content that dominated the year 2020."



Next up for Demon Slayer is a second season of the TV anime, which previously took home the award ceremony's Grand Prix in 2019.

Via Crunchyroll