FEATURE - Why We're Going to Miss Attack on Titan

Admit it — even if you haven't kept up with Attack on Titan in recent years, there was a time when you did. Just about every anime fan out there has found themselves grabbed by at least one episode, like a tiny human in the hand of a hungry Titan. But less terrifying, obviously.

With the series on the outs and an endgame on the horizon, we can't help but be a little sad about the things we're going to bid farewell to. The things that, despite plenty of anime out there doing them well, had their own special flavor and intensity to them. It'll be hard to match Attack on Titan at its most epic.


Terrifying Visuals

That first iconic image

One of the first things fans spotted about Attack on Titan was... well, the Titans. The bizarre creatures, about whom originally very little was known, intrigued and baffled viewers with their variety of designs. From unique looks of the main Titans to the strange, hyperrealistic faces and odd bodies of the lesser monsters, our eyes were always pointed upwards.

Even as more story has been unraveled and we've learned more about what these titanic humanoids really are, they're still fascinating to look at. And with one final terrifying transformation now in play, it looks like we're going to be getting that iconic body horror weirdness right up to the end.


Titanic Twists and Turns

Eren and Hange in a simpler time

If you haven't watched Attack on Titan in a little while, you probably wouldn't even remotely recognize it now. What started as a story of humanity's last stand against an unknowable force has turned into a massive tale of deceit and political intrigue.

It's a series that inspired many anime-only fans to pick up the manga, just to get a jump on the unwinding story. But with the manga packed in and the anime on the fast-track to its big finale, it's time to ride out that final stretch of surprises.


Epic Music

The squad

Remember when Attack on Titan first came out, and people were using the theme to edit new opening sequences to everything under the sun? That's the power of Linked Horizon's "Guren no Yumiya," and it's stuck with this all these seasons later. The show started strong musically, and it hasn't quit.

Opening themes aside, composer Hiroyuki Sawano has been bringing his intense style to the series as a whole. He's also written scores for Kill la Kill and Promare, and is known around the world for his intense battle themes. It's no wonder he was brought in to score the battles between humanity and the Titans. Speaking of which...


Huge Battles

The Corps vs. the Colossal Titan

As with everything Attack on Titan does, it came in swinging with his battle scenes — literally. The Survey Corps perfected a combat style that allowed it to stand a chance against its colossal foes, mixing marksmanship with aerial feats. The battles are gorgeous to watch, especially with the anime's sweeping "camera" movements.

The show's final battle is upon us, and while the playing field (and its players) have changed, we're looking forward to more intense action as we rocket toward the finish.

There's no shortage of amazing action anime out there, but the Attack on Titan flavor will be hard to replicate once it's gone. If nothing else, we can be sure its finish will be as big as its premiere.