Free!–the Final Stroke– Two Part Movie Announced!

A feature film continuation of the swimming club anime series Free! was slated to come out in 2020, but (like a lot of things over the past year) wound up being delayed.

Now, the film, titled Free!-the Final Stroke-,  is finally heading to theaters, and will be a two-part moviegoing experience. Part one of Free!-the Final Stroke- is set for release in September 2021, with part two due in April 2022. Along with this news comes a new teaser trailer as seen below!

Free!-the Final Stroke- is being produced by Kyoto Animation and will include returning staff from the Free! TV anime series, including director Eisaku Kawanami and voice actor Nobunaga Shimazaki. Here's the key visual, along with the official synopsis for the original series.

After a run-in with former teammate Rin ends with bitter feelings and hurtful words, Haruka and his friends become determined to re-form the Iwatobi Swim Club. But they’re missing a much-needed fourth member! With their eyes set on the athletic Rei, they’ve got to do what it takes to convince him to join so they can be in fighting form to face Rin’s new school, Samezuka Academy.