Mamoru Hosoda's BELLE Blows Up with IMAX Screenings in Japan

BELLE, the next movie from acclaimed director Mamoru Hosoda (The Boy and the Beast, Summer Wars), is about to get the super-size treatment when it opens in Japan. The film is set to premiere over there on July 16, and in addition to standard theaters it will mark a first for a Hosoda project by debuting on IMAX.

The film will screen on 38 IMAX screens throughout Japan on the same day as the regular premiere. Naturally, such a momentous occasion warrants a brand new poster to go along with the news.

Here's the most recent Japanese trailer from June:


As for the rest of us, while we may not be getting it in IMAX (that we know of), BELLE is coming to North America in Winter 2021 courtesy of GKIDS. Here's the full synopsis:

Suzu, a 17-year-old schoolgirl, lives with her father in a village surrounded by nature in Kochi prefecture after her mother died in an accident when she was a little girl. Suzu used to love singing with her mother more than anything else, but after her death, she has not been able to sing.

Writing songs is the only thing that gives Suzu any comfort until one day she is invited by her best friend to enter a virtual community in the Internet called U with over 5 billion members worldwide. In U, she can live another life as an AS, which is what avatars are called there. Although Suzu can’t sing in real life, singing comes natural to her in U as an AS known as Belle. Belle quickly captures the attention of U’s citizens with her songs and becomes a worldwide superstar diva.

The day of Belle’s huge concert viewed by millions of AS around the world— A mysterious presence known as the Dragon suddenly bursts into the concert hall. Her concert is ruined by the violent, arrogant Dragon. Belle, who wants to know why the Dragon suffers so much pain, approaches him. Dragon, on the other hand, slowly opens his heart to Belle’s gentle singing voice.

Soon, the search for the Dragon’s identity (unveiling) starts around the world.

A group of AS who claim to be the protectors of justice start their relentless pursuit of the Dragon who they believe disrupts order in U. The Dragon becomes the target of trolling and abuse both in U and the real world. The more people persecute him in both worlds, the more Belle feels stronger to find him and heal his heart.

Will Suzu’s voice from a remote corner in the real world reach this single, unknown individual in a world of billions? A miracle occurs when the two worlds merge into one.

Another reality. Another you. You’re not alone anymore.

Via Crunchyroll News