New Trailer for Misaki no Mayoiga Anime Film

Misaki no Mayoiga is a new anime film that is part of the Zutto Ouen Project 2011+10, which is dedicated to commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the 3/11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Originally debuting as a serialized novel by Sachiko Kashiwaba, Misaki no Mayoiga is being animated by David Production (Cells at Work!!) and it set for release in August 2021.

Set in Iwate prefecture, the story takes a magical realism approach to the aftermath of the Tohoku earthquake.

Here's the poster art for Misaki no Mayoiga, along with a plot synopsis via MAL news.

17-year-old Moeka, who lost her parents, and Yurie, seeking to escape her violent husband, got off at a Kitsunezaki station one day. The great earthquake and tsunami had changed their destinies. Their lives were saved, but they were perplexed when asked about their identities at an evacuation site. It was an old woman named Kiwa Yamana who lent them a helping hand. From that day, Yurie was known as Yui, Moeka as Hiyori, and together with Kiwa, the three women began a wonderful communal life together at the old house "Mayoiga" overlooking the sea.