This Year's My Hero Academia Festival is All About Villains

Evil has taken hold of this year's My Hero Academia festival, which is an annual event that's been celebrating the TV anime adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi's hit manga since 2016. While heroes are usually in the spotlight, this time around the League of Villains has taken over, with the voice actors behind them set to cause some chaos when the event goes down at Tokyo's Tachikawa Stage Garden.

The League of Villains Special Event will be held on November 21, and fans can look forward to appearances by Hiro Shimono (Dabi), Koki Uchiyama (Shigaraki), Misato Fukuen (Toga), Ryo Iwasaki (Spinner), Daichi Endou (Twice), and Tsuguo Mogami (Mr. Compress).

Those who pick up the first volume of Japan's season five Blu-ray collection of My Hero Academia when it launches on July 21 will get a code for a priority lottery ticket for the event. General ticket sales will go live later, and it's currently unclear whether or not the event will be streamed online like it was last time.

In the meantime, you can continue checking out the weekly updates to the anime, which is currently in the midst of the Endeavor Agency Arc!

Via Crunchyroll