New Dragon Ball Super Anime Film Revealed!

Goku is BACK… or at least he will be in 2022. The hard-hitting success of Dragon Ball Super: Broly is a few years behind us at this point, and since Sunday is Goku Day in Japan—because of the way 5/9 can be read in Japanese—Toei Animation is celebrating with the announcement of a brand new anime film.

The new Dragon Ball Super movie is currently slated for sometime next year, and creator Akira Toriyama is involved once more. The man that started it all will be providing a new "large-scale story" along with character designs and script lines, and he had more to say in a message to fans.

That's about all we know about the new Dragon Ball Super movie—other than the fact that planning started before Broly hit theaters in 2018—but we're sure to find out more in the many months of waiting ahead of us. Feel free to start speculating on villains—Broly… again?! No way—and more in the meantime. 

Source: Press release