New Gundam SEED Project to Launch in Monthly Gundam Ace Magazine

Somehow it's been nearly 20 years since the October 2002 debut of the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED anime. With the series already celebrating its 20th anniversary in the pages of Kadokawa's Monthly Gundam Ace, the magazine announced plans for a new project in this year's July 2021 issue.

Details are pretty much nonexistent on the new project, but it's set to launch in the September 2021 issue of Monthly Gundam Ace.

Here's a promo for the July issue:



The first Gundam SEED anime ran for 50 episodes from 2002-2003, followed by the 50-episode Mobile Suit Gundam SEED DESTINY from 2004-2005 and an HD remastered version of both years later. A new movie was announced in 2006, but it has yet to see the light of day.

Here's the official Gundam SEED synopsis:

In Cosmic Era (C.E.) 70... "The tensions mounted between the Earth Alliance and the ZAFT Forces caused by the 'Bloody Valentine' tragedy have erupted into an all-out war." The Earth Alliance's mobile armor forces and tanks suits are destroyed one after another... "It seemed a foregone conclusion that the Earth Alliance, with its superior numbers, would be victorious. But this initial assessment proved to be false. Almost 11 months have passed since the conflict began, with no end in sight...

Stay tuned for more on this new project as details are revealed!

Via Crunchyroll