New Pokémon Snap Game Offers Up a Photography Guide in Latest Trailer

After what seemed like an eternity, there's finally a new Pokémon Snap game right around the corner. The original launched on Nintendo 64 way back in 1999, giving players the opportunity to go on a virtual safari in the world of Pokémon and be the very best photographer, like no one ever was. Now New Pokémon Snap is set to build upon that when it launches around the world on April 30, and you can see more footage in the latest Japanese trailer below.

This one offers up a "Snap Guide," complete with a closer look at the game's camera functions, hidden paths you'll find along the way, and some of the many Pokémon that will be popping up for photo ops.



Stay tuned for more on the latest dose of Pokémon excitement as we get closer to launch!

Source: Pokémon on YouTube