New Trailer and Visuals for NIGHT HEAD 2041 Anime!

Beginning way back in 1992, Night Head was a hit live action TV drama about two brothers with psychic abilities. Night Head first made the move to anime in 2006 with the series Night Head Genesis. Now, Night Head is getting a new animated reboot in the form of Night Head 2041.

Night Head 2041 is slated to air starting July 14th and comes from CGI studio Shirogumi (Dragon Quest: Your Story) under the supervision of George Iida, creator and director of the original Night Head and Night Head Genesis series.

The new Night Head 2041 looks to be a cyberpunk flavored take on the original as the Kuroki brothers now work for an elite squad chasing down other psychics. Take a look at the tailer below!

Here’s the key art so far for Night Head 2041!


Source: Crunchyroll News