One Piece Global Character Popularity Poll Shares Mid-Term Results

This year kicked off big plans for Eiichiro Oda's One Piece series, with the 1000th chapter celebration running wild. One of the big events coinciding with the milestone was a global character popularity poll, which launched in early January and ends on February 28. With the World Top 100 campaign running strong, it's time to check in on the situation for a mid-term update.

The campaign's official website did just that with the first ONE PIECE TIMES video. Hosted by popular Japanese comedians Kamaitachi, the video brought in One Piece fans from around the world—including the United States, Russia, Germany, Turkey, and Indonesia—to reveal the results so far and take a closer look at the state of global votes.

The mid-term results cover the campaign up to January 31. At that time, lead One Piece hero Monkey D. Luffy was in first place, followed by Zoro in second and Sanji in third. Rounding out the top five are Trafalgar Law in fourth and Ace in fifth, so it's a pretty solid starting lineup we have here so far!

The full video (in Japanese):

If these results aren't to your liking, there's still time to make a change! Voting ends on February 28 at 6:59am Pacific Time, so you can make sure your voice is heard once per day at the WT100 website

Source: Press release