4Kids' One Piece Theme Song Rapper Recites Lines as Thank You to Fans

YO! Ya-yo, ya-yo! Dreamin'! Don't give it up, Luffy! Fans of One Piece no doubt recall the lyrics of the infamous One Piece theme song rap from the 4Kids era, and the artist behind the vocals is here to thank everyone for their support. Shawn Conrad recently uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, taking the opportunity to give "love to the One Piece fans for everything" while reciting lines from the iconic song.



According to Conrad, he was working as an audio engineer on various series at 4Kids at the time, and occasionally provided voice work and assisted on sound production. 4Kids approached him to adapt the theme song into a rap, and while he didn't know much about Eiichiro Oda's series at the time, he has since learned that many fans became attached to the song he created.

For more on how it went down, Conrad shared a video breaking down the experience after 17 years of silence on the song.

With much respect for the artist, we urge everyone to ya-yo, ya-yo, set sail for One Piece!

Via Anime News Network