Pokémon Fossil Museum to Open in Japan This Summer

Since the Fossils of prehistoric Pokémon exist in the game's world, and can even be used to revive living creatures, it's only appropriate that there be an entire museum dedicated to the subject. While Pokémon fans might not be able to use any special techniques to revive these particular fossils, a touring exhibition called Pokémon Kaseki Hakubutsukan (Pokémon Fossil Museum) is on the way to Japan this summer to educate the masses.

Those who visit the exhibition will be able to compare the fossils of dinosaurs, extinct plants, and other creatures with those of Pokémon, offering some insight into the world of Game Freak's creations and hopefully stoking some further interest in paleontology.

The touring musem will be making stops at Hokkaido’s Mikasa City Museum, followed by Sambei Shizenkan Natural History Museum, Tokyo’s National Museum of Nature and Science, and Aichi Prefecture’s Toyohashi Museum of Natural History. Hey, many of these Pokémon were inspired by real-life prehistoric animals, so it all comes full circle eventually!

Via Kotaku