Re:ZERO Creator Explains the Long Wait for Anime's Latest OP

If you've been keeping up with the second part of the Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- season two anime, you likely noticed that it only recently debuted its OP. It's not often that you have to wait six whole episodes to see the opening animation, but according to Re:ZERO creator Tappei Nagatsuki, there was a very good reason for the holdup.

Re:ZERO typically goes over the usual 24-minute run time for your average anime episode, but it turns out that wasn't the reason for the delayed OP. Nagatsuki hopped on Twitter to clear it up, revealing that it took so long for the opening to be revealed in full because of spoilers.

According to the author, the opening is "full of spoilers" so they couldn't have played it from the beginning of the second part of the season. Thankfully, those who are all caught up on the series can finally hear Mayu Maeshima's "Long shot" OP in its full glory, all while soaking in spoiler-filled sights from the episodes that preceded the latest installment.

Let this be a warning to anyone looking up the OP now that it's out in the wild. Beware of spoilers to the rollercoaster ride of a Re:ZERO season so far!

Via Crunchyroll