Attack on Titan Invades Japanese Restaurant for Collaboration Menu!

If you’ve never had Japanese okomiyaki to eat before, wow, are you missing out. Sometimes referred to as a pancake-style dish, mostly on account of the mixed batter and flat shape it takes to prepare it, an okomiyaki smothered in sauce and hearty toppings is a force unto itself, not entirely unlike the giant-slaying heroes featured in Attack on Titan!

That might seem like a metaphor strung out too far, but the worlds of okomiyaki and Attack on Titan have never been closer now that the Japanese Dohtonbori Okonomiyaki chain has unleashed a series of menu items inspired by characters from the hit anime series, now in its final story arc.

The guys at Dohtonbori have helpfully supplied their own English translation for all six menu items below, and you don't want to miss out on epic dishes like Eren's "I'm Gonna Destroy Them!" Okonomiyaki.

And even though Attack on Titan is leaving the airwaves soon, at least we got to know what Jean's Favorite Omurice looks like...

There’s even a free gift that comes with every order in the form of a clear file showing members of the Survey Corps wielding okonomiyaki spatulas!

Eat all you like! Don’t worry! They’ll make more! At least until March 21st, at which point this Attack on Titan promotion is over!

Source: grapee