Black Clover Anime Shocks Fans with Finale Announcement

Right as its return to adapting the manga is heating up with the Spade Kingdom arc, the Black Clover anime is getting ready to call it a day. Fans were shocked to see the sudden news yesterday morning when the official Twitter account revealed that the final episode of the series is officially set to air on March 30.

Does that mean we'll never see Black Clover on our screens again? While there's nothing set in stone, Yuki Tabata's Shonen Jump manga is still ongoing, so perhaps we'll get a comeback once the manga is far enough ahead of things to make room for more anime.

We'll definitely find out something soon, because a "big announcement" will accompany episode 170 when it airs on March 30. Stay tuned to see what's next for Asta and the rest of the squads in the series. 

Yuki Tabata first kicked off the Black Clover manga in the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump back in February of 2015. The anime adaptation premiered in October of 2017, and it just recently made its way out of a bunch of filler episodes and into the highly-anticipated Spade Kingdom arc. 

Has anyone here been keeping up with Black Clover each week? 

Source: Black Clover's Official Twitter