One Piece Manga is a True Emperor of the Sea at 480 Million Copies

Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga has enjoyed worldwide success and acclaim for a large portion of its 20-plus years in existence, and it keeps piling on the records with no sign of stopping any time soon. Volume 98 just hit shelves in Japan, and with it comes word that One Piece has officially crossed 480 million copies in circulation.

That number accounts for both physical releases and digital sales, and a massive chunk of it is all because of Japan. 400 million copies of One Piece have been printed and sold in Japan alone, with the rest of the world accounting for the remaining 80 million copies.

With volume 98 in the wild, the series launched a TikTok campaign that aims to give away 10 replicas of original drawings. TikTok will have special filters and effects to mess around with until the promotion ends on February 18, and those who want to get in on the fun can use the hashtag #麦わらの一味の負ける気がしねェチャレンジ for a chance to win.

One Piece vol. 98

This all coincides with the recent 1,000 chapter celebration, which had publisher Shueisha kicking off a massive global character popularity poll along with other upcoming campaigns that make up the ONE PIECE 1000 LOGS project.

One Piece is shaping up to have a huge year so far, and it's only February. Now they just need to release a new movie that somehow manages to surpass the box office might of Demon Slayer and they'll be set!

Source: Comic Natalie