Black Clover Season 4 Has a Date with Toonami

The final episode of the Black Clover anime made its way to broadcast and streaming back on March 30, but there's still a clover-shaped hole in our hearts. Even with a movie on the way at some point in the future, there's no substitute for Asta and co. hitting up the small screen week after week, and while that void won't be filled any time soon, Toonami is on the way with a temporary salve.

Starting June 19, Black Clover season 4 will officially make its Toonami debut. This is the final season of the anime in dubbed form, so it will kick off the Spade Kingdom arc on Adult Swim's late night anime block in the 2:00am slot. If you want to relive those magic moments slowly building up to the finale all over again, now's your chance!

The Black Clover anime adapts the Shonen Jump manga of the same name by Yuki Tabata. Here's how Crunchyroll describes the series for those just joining us:

In a world where magic is everything, Asta and Yuno are both found abandoned at a church on the same day. While Yuno is gifted with exceptional magical powers, Asta is the only one in this world without any. At the age of fifteen, both receive grimoires, magic books that amplify their holder’s magic. Asta’s is a rare Grimoire of Anti-Magic that negates and repels his opponent’s spells. Being opposite but good rivals, Yuno and Asta are ready for the hardest of challenges to achieve their common dream: to be the Wizard King. Giving up is never an option!

Source: Toonami on Facebook