Demon Slayer Cast Become McDonald's Employees in Japanese Happy Meals

Over in the U.S., Pokémon fans are dueling it out for the coveted trading card game collectibles packed into McDonald's Happy Meals. In Japan, however, the cast of Koyoharu Gotouge's Demon Slayer are getting to work themselves, suiting up as McDonald's employees for special themed Happy Meal sets.

Each Happy Meal packs in a Demon Slayer sticker set and an unrelated toy, so sadly you won't be getting any McD's style Tanjiro or Nezuko action figures along with your burger and fries. The included sticker set features crew member Tanjiro, hospitality leader Nezuko, McCafé barista Zenitsu, delivery driver Inosuke, and managers Giyu and Shinobu. Fans will also get to enjoy stickers with other characters and scenes from the anime on them.

Demon Slayer Happy Meals


Prior to the official announcement, McDonald's tweeted Tanjiro's iconic pattern with a Happy Meal twist to tease the meals:

Those lucky enough to have a Japanese McDonald's within their reach can look forward to the Demon Slayer Happy Meals kicking off on March 5 alongside Tropical Rouge! PreCure sets.

Via Crunchyroll