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Article: FEATURE - Five Ghost-Type Pokémon That Have Us Freaked Out

FEATURE - Five Ghost-Type Pokémon That Have Us Freaked Out

FEATURE - Five Ghost-Type Pokémon That Have Us Freaked Out

We all know by now that the cute and crazy cryptids of Pokémon have some super-strange powers, and a few having shockingly dark back stories and Pokédex entries. Creepiest of all (appropriately enough) are the Ghost types, and it doesn't take art from Junji Ito to make them that way.

We took a quick skim through the updated Pokédex to remind ourselves just how freaky some of these 'mons are. In particular, these five Ghost types have us quaking in our boots from Kanto to Galar.


There Are Probably Five Polteageists in My House as We Speak

Polteageist, the Abandoned Tea Pokémon

Our first entry is frightening not because of its actions, but because of its origins. And while it may seem cute and innocent at first, maybe you'll think differently when you realize it's born from all those cups of tea you've forgotten.

While technically it evolves from a Sinistea, its Sword & Shield Pokédex entries note that it makes its home in forgotten servings of black tea. Moreover, there is a possibility it will get mad and force you to drink it, giving you horrible chills. I guess that'll teach us...


Litwick Prefers Baby Souls

Litwick, yet another deceptively cute Pokémon

"Looks cute, secretly horrible" is a recurring theme in Pokémon, but we can't help giving these little buddies a pass regardless. They're so friendly, after all. I mean, look at Litwick. All it wants to do is absorb your life force and thrive. Unfortunately, it has... preferences.

According to its Pokédex entry in Shield: "The younger the life this Pokémon absorbs, the brighter and eerier the flame on its head burns." Now, it could just be a corollary and not an actual motivated preference. But we feel like just the knowledge that it benefits more from younger souls is a bit of a red flag.


Aegislash Will Overthrow You

Aegislash, the Monkey's Paw Pokémon

Okay, there's a whole saga going on with Aegislash, and we have to start with its earliest form, Honedge. This Galar Pokémon is apparently a ghost possessing the sword that killed it. So far, so vengeful, right? Aegislash is two evolutions down the road, and at this point it's a self-contained Twilight Zone episode.

According to its Pokédex entries, Aegislash seeks out strong rulers and cleaves to them, apparently able to manipulate them into doing its will. The entries include stories of people and Pokémon forced to remodel whole kingdoms to its liking, and of rulers who were drained of their lives after their Aegislash got what it wanted.


Mimikyu Will Simply End You

Mimikyu, the Highly Relatable Pokémon

Ghost/Fairy type Mimikyu has gotten a lot of fandom love, which hopefully makes it happy... because the alternative is terrifying. This eldritch buddy disguises itself as the ever-popular Pikachu because it wants to be loved... and everyone loves Pikachu!

If you're wondering what lies beneath the disguise, we recommend you stop wondering. It never goes well for people who find out. Its Ultra Moon Pokédex entry mentions a hiker who caught a glimpse thanks to a breeze, while Shield mentions a curious scientist who wanted a look. Both are now dead. That's all we need to hear.


Gigantamaxed Gengar's Mouth Leads to the Afterlife

I will face God and walk backwards into Hell.

And for the "Okay, chill" portion of our program, we have Gen 1 Pokémon Gengar in his Gigantamaxed form. Gengar gets a terrifying glow-up when he's embiggened, because basically his mouth is a shortcut to being dead.

Its Shield Pokédex entry says that you'll hear the voices of your deceased loved ones emanating from that gaping maw, in an attempt to lure you in. Sword cuts right to the chase and says that this is a portal to the afterlife. We're not sure what's worse: Gengar using your loved ones' voices as a lure, or the potential that they really are at the other end shouting for you. Honestly, there's no good version of that.

There is some good news, though. If you find yourself the owner of one of these paranormal Pokémon, you'll likely be all right and unhaunted. Except for Aegislash. Do not engage with Aegislash.

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