My Hero Academia Goes Full Marvel in Deadpool: Samurai Manga Cameo

All Might is the unforgettable smiling face of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia manga, and now he's officially part of the Marvel universe... kind of. This is all thanks to the Deadpool: Samurai manga series—currently serialized on the Shonen Jump+ digital platform—which recently welcomed All Might into its pages in a cameo.

Complete with his famous "I am here!" catchphrase, All Might heroically leapt into Deadpool: Samurai to save Wade Wilson himself. Just in case you couldn't tell by the subject matter of his wildly popular series, My Hero Academia creator Kohei Horikoshi is a big fan of American superhero comics, and thanks to the fact that Shueisha publishes both MHA and Deadpool: Samurai, this particular collaboration was a no-brainer.

The official Shonen Jump+ Twitter account shared images from All Might's appearance in the Deadpool manga.

Now let's get All Might in the Marvel Cinematic Universe next!

Via Crunchyroll