The Final Cover of the Attack on Titan Manga Has Been Reveled!

The final volume of Hajime Isayama’s best-selling, game-changing Attack on Titan manga is due for release in June! Volume 34, aka the end of the road, will feature a new wraparound cover showing what the characters in the story would have been like as kids…and without those pesky titans around. It looks like life for Eren and co. certainly would have been nice and peaceful, but then we never would have gotten a whopper of a story like Attack on Titan if no one was fighting for survival!

The cover reveal was done yesterday via Betsumanga on Twitter timed to the May 5th Children’s Day holiday (kodomo no hi) in Japan, a tradition meant to show gratitude to healthy younglings.

Below is Isayama's full illustration as revealed yesterday.

And here's the cover for volume 34 of Attack on Titan!