Steins;Gate Staff Teases Possible Announcement for March 17

Who doesn't love a good bit of speculation? That's what we're up to right now thanks to a tweet from the staff behind the Steins;Gate visual novel, which has spun out into anime and other media since it joined 5pb. and Nitroplus' Science Adventure series back in 2009. Now something else is cooking, and we'll (hopefully) find out what it is next week.

For the time being, a teaser popped up on the official Science Adventure series Twitter account, promising something… maybe… for March 17. The tweet says, “World line divergence ‘0.210317%.’ The story will be reproduced. #SteinsGate,” and it's accompanied by an image modeled after the series' Divergence Meter with those same numbers on display.

Sure looks like a March 17, 2021 tease to us! As for what it is, we'll have to wait until next week to find out. MAGES. already has Steins;Gate 0 Elite in the works, and Hollywood is working on a live-action TV series. Maybe it has something to do with the next Science Adventure project, who knows!

Stay tuned and we'll be sure to follow up with the results.

Via Gematsu