Yo-kai Watch Returns with New Anime Trailer

Yo-kai Watch first debuted as a game and anime franchise way back in 2013. The series, which you may remember being exported to the West, did a lot to help promote creatures from Japanese folklore (aka yokai) as well as sell a whole lot of merchandise!

Now Yo-kai Watch is heading back to anime this spring with a new musical-minded series called Yo-kai Watch , which makes sense since the “Yo-Kai Exercise No. 1” song and dance from the original series became a national sensation in Japan.

The new trailer for Yo-kai Watch  (above) does a good job of giving a refresher course on all the entries so far, and has footage of the all-new series in which Jibanyan, Whisper, and other familiar faces from the class of 2013 rub shoulders with new characters.

Yo-kai Watch ♪ begins April 9th on TV Tokyo in Japan!