Unleash the Power of Psyduck with this Fancy Pokémon Necklace

The world may never know why it took so long to get a charmed necklace of famed Pokémon character Psyduck (or Koduck if you prefer using his original Japanese name), but we can all rest assured now that it has come to pass.

Japanese jewelers U-TREASURE, who specialize in expensive trinkets based on anime and game properties, are finally giving believers from the cult of Psyduck what they want: 3 varieties of a psychically destructive duck available in yellow gold, pink gold, or platinum.

And indeed, you’d have to be a true fan to commit to this product line. Both the yellow gold and pink gold Psyduck necklaces retail for around US$990 dollars, with the platinum variant topping off at nearly $1,100. There's also a limited edition silver variant selling for around US$145.

U-TREASURE is accepting international orders on this one, so start selling your rarest Pokémon cards if you’re hoping to “catch ‘em all!”

Source: Crunchyroll News