Toho Releases Godzilla Valentine’s Cards for Your Kaiju Crush

Nothing says, “Be Mine” quite like giant monsters spawned from the horrors of the atomic age. Which might be why Toho Studios is celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with an assortment of free Godzilla cards that fans can download and share starting today from the Big G’s official website at

The kaiju on the cards lean heavily towards the Heisei (1990s) and Millennium (2000s) series in the Godzilla playbook, why nary a kaiju design from the classic Showa era except Mecha Godzilla. Maybe Minilla, the Son of Godzilla, was busy doing something else?

Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day!



Mecha Godzilla


Space Godzilla




King Ghidorah


Source: Sci-Fi Japan