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Eva Unit-01 Topography Print Purple Button-Down Shirt

Sale price$68.00

  • Short sleeve button-down
  • Relaxed, unisex fit
  • Lightweight, silky blend
  • Embroidered artwork on sleeve and back
  • 100% rayon
  • Imported
  • Officially licensed Evangelion merchandise 

Button-Down Shirt Size Chart

Body Length
Body Width
20 1/2"
21 1/2"
 M 29"
22 1/2"
23 1/2"
24 1/2"
XXL 32" 25 1/2"
3X 33" 26 1/2"

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Miguel M
Great Shirt

Very nice shirt thats made out of very good feeling material that feels nice to the touch. Shirt is breathable so you wont feel stuffy.

Vincent V.
Subtle yet impactful

I originally purchased this in a large as recently I've had to size up in all of my clothing. It ended up being way too big and was easily able to exchange it for a medium (still a tad bit big on me).

Just for context I'm around 170 lbs and most of my weight is centered around my gut; however, the large looked terrible around my shoulders. So just be mindful about the sizing but also know that it's really not that hard to exchange just keep the packaging and you should be good.

As for the style of the shirt I was pretty impressed with it in person. I feel like the photos are great but once you see it in person that really sealed the deal for me. Unless your at an anime con most of the general public won't even notice it's related to anime so it helps out when I'm in public and even had a couple of old heads recognize what it was so that's pretty dope.

All in all this was my first purchase with Atsuko and they definitely impressed me enough to buy more and really update my wardrobe.

this is real fancy

The material is great and the color is nice and rich. Definitely pleased with my purchase

Quality As Always

If you're worried that this doesn't have high quality, well don't. Because as always atsuko made sure that the quality of this button up was top notch. It feels soft and breathable. As long as you buy the correct size it fits great. The topography design looks better in person too! Just make sure you get the correct size of you may look like you're wearing a dress because it's a bit longer then normal clothes in the size measurements.

Joshua C.

Great quality like everything from this site. I only wish it had more evangelion details other than the title on the sleeve and a small helmet on the back. From afar, amd just by looking at someone, you can't tell it's evangelion apparel. I'd like it be more noticeably emvagelion merch. But the quality and etc is top notch, im just being nit picky