Attack on Titan Goes for the World Record with Giant-Sized Manga

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan has been a massive hit, both as a manga, and as an anime series now in its final season. Since nothing spells success like excess, a giant-sized AoT book will soon be releasing in Japan.

This massive manga includes the first two chapters of Isayama’s Attack on Titan manga for a page count of 96. That should qualify it for the prestigious Guinness World Record for Largest Comic Book, a title currently held by a graphic novel in Brazil that runs a paltry 18 pages by comparison!

 Attack on Titan for Giants is a limited-edition of 100 copies that go on sale at the Kodansha online store on March 6. This colossal tome is 6 to 7 times bigger than a normal book: about 3.3 feet tall, 2.3 feet wide, and packs in at 30 pounds – perfectly sized to take over your room or for a Titan to flip through!

But such thrills do not come cheap. Attack on Titan for Giants’ 96 pages of big manga fun and will set you back 165,000 JPY (around USD$1,527 bucks).

Source: Otaku USA