The Black Clover Anime is Officially Headed to Theaters!

If you're a fan of the Black Clover anime, tomorrow is a day you've been dreading. That's right, tomorrow marks the FINAL EPISODE of the TV anime, so it's back to the pages of Yuki Tabata's manga for your fix of Asta and co.! Hold on, though, because this weekend we discovered that this won't be our last chance to spend time with these characters in anime form.

While there's no word on a continuation of the TV anime on the horizon, the official JUMP COMICS YouTube channel shared a video revealing plans for a Black Clover movie. Little is known about the feature, but you can see the overview of the success the series has had since it began and a tease for what's to come below.

Here's the full visual that accompanied the news:

Stay tuned as we learn more about the future of Black Clover in the coming months!