Dragon Ball Super Countdown to Reveal Fan-Favorite Fights

How do you go about deciding which fight to rank supreme out of the Dragon Ball Super anime? In the case of Toei Animation and Funimation, you turn to the fans, who cast their votes in December to name the greatest fights of all time from the most recent Dragon Ball series. Now the results are in, and we'll get to find out which fights won along with everyone else during a global fan event on March 27.

Dragon Ball Super: Battle of Battles is a livestream countdown featuring special guest Ian Sinclair (the English voice of Super's Whis) along with co-hosts Justin Rojas (Toei Animation) and Lauren Moore (Funimation). Starting at the 10 spot, the hour-long stream will run through the fights fans chose as their favorites, taking some time to show off footage and discuss each on the way down to number 1.

Fans can also look forward to giveaways during the stream, so you'll definitely want to catch it live. You'll be able to do so at 5:00pm Pacific Time on March 27 via Toei Animation's Twitch channel and Funimation's YouTube channel. For now, here's a promo to get your blood pumpin'.


Presented by:   Toei Animation and Funimation

Date:                  Saturday, March 27, 2021

Time:                  U.S.& Canada: 5 pm Pacific / 8 pm Eastern 

                        International: 7 pm Mexico • 10 pm São Paulo • 2 am Paris (Sunday) •
12 pm Sydney (Sunday)   

Duration:           1 hour

URL:                   Simulcast on Toei Animation’s Twitch channel and Funimation’s YouTube channel

Hosts:                 Justin Rojas (Toei Animation) and Lauren Moore (Funimation)

Special Guest:   Ian Sinclair (English voice of “Whis”)

Program:           Countdown of Top 10 greatest “Dragon Ball Super” fights featuring an English dub clip of each from the series along with commentary and reactions from the hosts as well as promotional giveaways throughout the event

Which Dragon Ball Super fight would you place at the top of the heap?

Source: Press release