Evangelion Eyewear Coming Soon from JINS

With the long-delayed theatrical release date of Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time movie now set for 3/8, fans around the world are getting ready celebrate the return of Shinji, Rei, Asuka, and whatever madness director Hideaki Anno has in store for us this time.

Meanwhile, the JINS eyewear company is also doing some celebrating of their own with the announcement of a new line of glasses inspired by the characters and Eva Units from Evangelion.

According to the JINS press release

Inspired by the motifs of EVANGELION characters, JINS incorporated them into the eyewear design. The lineup consists of a total of 3 types, 2 types of optical glasses inspired by the EVA Unit-01 and EVA Unit-02, and 1 type of sunglasses inspired by EVA Unit-01. 

The original box has a black base with a graphic image of the EVA Unit-01 and EVA Unit-02, giving it a chic and luxurious finish. In addition, a limited number of original transparent folders are included. With these products and accessories, you can enjoy the world of "EVANGELION".


While the JINS x Evangelion collection won't go on sale until Fall 2021, folks can sign up for a wait list now at the JINS online store. Better still, it looks like these items will go on sale in the USA!

If you're curious to see how these 3 sets of Evangelion frames might look on you, the Japanese JINS site has a feature where you can upload a pic or video of yourself and do a virtual try-on. Look for the MEGANE on MEGANE 3D button at the official website!

Source: PR Wire