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Article: This Just In: All of Re:ZERO's Girls Are Best Girl

Just some of Re:ZERO's many Best Girls

This Just In: All of Re:ZERO's Girls Are Best Girl

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- is well into its second season, revealing more truths about its many characters. But no matter how many twists and turns the story takes, one thing remains the same: Best Girl Opinions.

Everyone has their Best Girl — including, of course, Subaru himself. And while the battle rages to define which of the shows many ladies is #1, the answer is clear. They all are.

That's right, all of Re:ZERO's girls are Best Girl. We are all correct. Case in point... all of these ladies.



Emilia and Puck

At the center of the action is Emilia: beautiful silver-haired half-elf, candidate for the Royal Selection, and object of Subaru's affection. Granted, his opinion of her is higher than most people's, at least within the show. And in spite of all she has thrown at her, she remains amazing.

Subaru does a fine job of outlining her many positives (and her negatives, for better or for worse... he doesn't exactly hold back). She wants to help and protect others, no matter what they may think of her. She does her best to be kind and forthright, and takes honesty and promises extremely seriously. Most of all, she holds Subaru to task — not an easy thing to do.

Emilia may be understandably insecure, but she's got a solid footing that makes her truly admirable.



Rem of Re:ZERO

Rem may be second in Subaru's heart, but she takes the lead for a lot of the fandom. This demonic maid is a terrifying fighter on one hand, but a kind and caring soul on the other. She loves Subaru with all her heart, even when her confession is met with... well, we all heard what he said.

She's so loyal, it kind of hurts. It's unsurprising that the Re:ZERO IF installments are so popular — where we get to see what life might have been like if Subaru looked in a slightly different direction. Either way, her presence brings a feeling of love, happiness, and security. And when she's absent, it's sorely felt. Even if people aren't entirely sure what it is they're missing.



Ram of Re:ZERO

The Best Girl wars tend to rage primarily between Emilia and Rem, but there are plenty of others equally worthy of our love. Rem's twin sister Ram is a joy in her own right. Stoic but with a surprising sense of humor, capable of a lot of love behind a deadpan exterior, Ram absolutely shines when the spotlight is on her.

In season 2, the spotlight is on her a lot more, too. Her allegiances are being challenged, but her heart is also being vied for. Best of all, she has no misconceptions about just how adorable and lovable she is. She'll never settle for less than she deserves, even if some of her loyalties are a little questionable.



Beatrice from Re:ZERO

Make sure not to forget about Beatrice, I suppose. This ancient guardian has a harsher attitude even than Ram, but she's just as lovable underneath. (Plus, we're learning in the second season just why she's as bitter and unfriendly as she is. There's a good reason... and it actually hurts a lot.)

If you win Beatrice's trust, you're set for life; if you win her friendship, you're truly special. Just ask Puck, who seems to be the only person(?) who can melt her heart. She may be a hard friend to win over, and she won't entertain anyone she doesn't care to. But she's an integral, occasionally forgotten Best Girl of the series.



Echidna, one of the Witches of Re:ZERO

Okay, okay, just hear us out.

With the introduction of the Witches into the Re:ZERO anime, things are getting pretty turbulent. Echidna took point, with the others following close behind. Each has their own reason for being interested in Subaru... and, let's not forget, they're witches. There's a lot of history to them, and not all of it is good.

But they're fascinating characters, Echidna in particular. As the Witch of Greed, she craves knowledge and experiences. She's absolutely bowled over by how much there is to know about and via Subaru. Is she bad? Yeah, probably. Would she abuse her power? Oh, for sure.

But she's a Witch. We know what we're getting right from the start. And it's hard not to be fascinated with her particular brand of "greed," and the execution of her powers.

As for the rest? Felt, Crusch, Anastasia, Frederica, and all of them? Yes, you guessed it. They're all Best Girl, too. We all win. Because let's face it, Re:ZERO is full of amazing characters, and it's going to take all of us combined to give them all the love and respect they deserve.

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