Gintama Pays Tribute to Dragon Ball Z in Footage from New Film

Looking for two great tastes that taste great together? How about Gintama and Dragon Ball Z? These two worlds, spun from the pages of Shonen Jump magazine, finally collided for real in the first 90 seconds of the new movie Gintama: THE FINAL, which was released to theaters in Japan a few months back in January.

Now, the film’s distributor has made the movie’s opening Gintama x Dragon Ball Z homage sequence available to all via YouTube. Take a look below! 

Gintama: THE FINAL, which is set to be the last anime adaptation (for now) of Hideaki Sorachi's original manga, is currently doing brisk business at Japanese theaters with over one million tickets sold to date. With money like that at the bank, it probably won't be too long until we see Gintoki and the gang again, but for now, here's the movie poster for Gintama: THE FINAL!